DocuWare Smart Connect

New, Simple and Unique:

All the documents you need with just one click - right from within your familiar programs!

How often do you find yourself in this situation?


Let us show you how it works.

Sit back, relax and watch this short demonstration.



Try it for yourself - online, no installation necessary!

On our DocuWare Online website, you can set up your own company, add employees, work with pre-archived sample documents and store your own documents in your file cabinet.

You can also link the file cabinet to your programs via Smart Connect! This is also how it works when you install DocuWare at a later stage - customized to suit your needs of course.

Setting up and trying it out takes a little time. If you need any assistance with this, an authorized DocuWare Partner will be happy to help you. Then everything will be ready in no time at all!

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>> I would like an Authorized DocuWare Partner to help me

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